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There Is Hope for the Future

by Tammy Jones



I’ve been hosting vision board brunches and workshops since 2015.  In 2021, when we were in the middle of the pandemic, I not only wondered how I would host the brunch that year but also what theme I could use to uplift and encourage the participants.  We were in such uncertain times socially, politically, and economically that I knew it would be challenging to find something upbeat, cheery, and fun for that year’s gathering.

But because God is faithful, he allowed me to read Jeremiah 31:17 one day during my quiet time. It reads, in part, “There is hope for your future”.  I knew immediately that would be the theme for my first virtual vision board brunch. 

As I considered the theme for my first blog, I thought I would write about being grateful or thankful because it is November after all. But when the same scripture came to mind as a foundation for the blog, I questioned if it would be appropriate. Then one day I received an email concerning naming the capital campaign “Hope Grows Here, Transforming Our Tomorrow”. It was confirmation that this blog should most definitely be about hope.

The message of hope is especially important today because although the world has opened, again, the residue of the last two years lingers. We are still living in unprecedented and uncertain times that are filled with new levels of distrust, hate, and incivility. Which are all at the root of unbelievably toxic human interactions shared daily on media outlets for the world to see. It is safe to say, life, as we knew it only a few years ago, will not make a comeback anytime soon or ever. And most of us are simply doing our best to adjust and continue living our lives the best we can.

But I still have hope for a better tomorrow. Even in the face of what may look like insurmountable impossibilities I choose to hope against hope. Hope is not wishing or daydreaming. But it is desire mixed with the expectation which makes it different from wishing. Because wishing does not have the element of expectation. I expect to see what I am hoping for materializing in my life. 

I believe this is the message of encouragement and inspiration for women served by The Hive Community and even for those who are connected as employees, volunteers, board members and well-wishers.   There is hope for your future!

No matter where you are on your journey in life, there is:

Hope for complete physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Hope for wholeness.

Hope for self-love and high self-esteem.

Hope for total recovery and restoration.

Hope for forward movement.

Hope for growth.

Hope for success.

So be encouraged today and full of hope.

Lastly, here are a few practical steps to stay hopeful: 

  1. Pause, Pray and Praise. Take time to pause from the hustle and bustle and express gratitude for the blessings you have.

  2. Fill your spirit with more good things than bad. We are bombarded with so much negativity. Make it a habit to search for the good and concentrate on it.

  3. Practice self-care. It’s all the craze these days so there’s an abundance of information available to help you find ways to take care of yourself.

  4. Set goals and give yourself something to look forward to.  Life may not be everything you want it to be right now but don’t let that stop you from looking to the future and planning it.  Whether you jot them down in a journal or create a vision board, make sure you get them out of your head. Then create action steps to achieve them.

  5. Give back. Find ways to give to others by sharing your time and talent. Often when we give to others, we gain a better outlook on life and experience more joy.





Tammy Jones is employed with BlueCross BlueShield of SC. She has held five positions with the company since starting in 1999. She celebrated 23 years of service in May 2022 and started a new role as a Sales Trainer in the same month. In her most recent past role, she worked as a Provider Relations Consultant. 

Over the last 10 years, Tammy reinvigorated her volunteerism by joining Women in Philanthropy and co-facilitating life skills classes for Homeless No More. She now serves on WIP’s executive board.

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