We believe in the power and healing that comes forth when survivors commune together.


As a peer based organization, we believe in partnering with each survivor we come into contact with wherever they may be on their journey of healing. In our efforts to do this we created The Bee Box and our Annual SC Survivors Summit.



Sitting in a cold waiting room, trembling with fear as one contemplates to disclose their abuse is never a vision one would desire to have, but this is often the reality for survivors of abuse and violence. The Bee Box was designed to support survivors who disclose in public settings such as healthcare settings, police stations, schools, or churches. The Bee Box has been uniquely designed to provide aide and support as a survivor embarks on their journey of healing, consisting of a grounding tool, tea for care and wellness, powerful affirmations written by fellow survivors, and an all-natural room enhancer spray.







In a response to the need of establishing community, sharing resources and education among survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence, and advancing our field of practice the SC Survivors Summit was launched in 2017. Held annually in April during SAAM, the SC Survivors Summit is a statewide initiative to increase engagement and foster community among survivors and professionals within the field; build community among survivors and advocates and provide engaging, self-reflective, and interactive learning sessions designed to enhance the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of survivors and inform the services provided by advocates and those who work closely with them. Currently reaching over 150 participants from across SC, the summit continues to grow stronger each year impacting and empowering the lives of survivors and professionals. If you are interested in learning more about the Summit submit your inquiry in our contact form.